About These Photographic Prints

If you like Gordon's images, rest assured that you are investing in one of the finest in quality of photographic color prints available. They are ideal where environmental sensitivity and strong statements of professionalism and taste are wanted.

These Ilfochrome prints are made individually in small numbers directly from Gordon's color transparencies. The rich coloration is derived from fade-resistant Azo dyes that make these prints well suited for permanent display and high visual impact. The images are printed on polyester (a durable plastic) to enhance further their brilliance and dimensionality. Each mounted print is authenticated by the artist's signature, copyright notice, and year the photo was taken (not printed). The prints are titled and, as limited editions, are individually numbered with respect to size.

Gordon uses museum quality, archival techniques and products for mounting and matting. The print rests against a 2-ply museum rag mat that is laminated to a foam core board. White, double mats of 4-ply museum rag surround the image. An acrylic* cover, which Gordon considers superior to glass, and a simple black metal frame complete a museum type presentation that is suitable for photographs and for almost any decor be it in the home or at a place of business. Framing however is  optional.

Overhead or side lighting enhances  the coloration and perception of depth in these images; but with most any art image, avoid exposure to heat and bright light - especially UV light*.  Years of enjoyment of Gordon's images can be expected under normal conditions without noted discoloration - outlasting almost any other type of color print.

*  An acrylic cover when compared to glass offers special appeal for its high transparency, light weight, and resistance to breakage for safety and print protection.  We also offer UV protecting acrylic covers to aide with especially bright situations, such as, with high intensity fluorescence or Halogen illumination.

The Desert
The Forest

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